Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to make distressed jean shorts

Distressed jean shorts are a summer must-have! If you don’t own a pair, make one with some old jeans from the back of your closet. You can either bleach the jeans for a dramatic destroyed appearance or use sandpaper for a more subtle worn look.

Here’s how to create a DIY pair of distressed jean shorts.

Notes for your safety:

* If you are under 18, ask an adult for help.
* Bleach your jeans in a well-ventilated area.
* If you get any bleach on your skin, wash it off immediately or it will burn you.

Pair of old jeans (bleaching looks better on blue denim rather than dark indigo)
Garbage bags or plastic sheet
Paper towels
Fabric scissors
Sponge, unused and cut in half
Box cutter
Clorox bleach

Step 1: 

Lay jeans flat on surface protected with plastic and paper towels, preferably near a sink. Choose length of jean shorts. With chalk, draw a line on one leg. Flip jeans over and draw line on back. *Back must be longer than front.* Join the two lines with chalk.
Step 2: 

Take fabric scissors and cut along the line. Cut from the front to the back, through one layer of fabric so as to not cut front and back the same length. Don’t worry about cutting perfectly, as fabric will fray in the wash.
Once you’ve removed one leg, fold jeans in half so back pockets meet. Use your cut leg to trace line on other leg for symmetry. Cut along new line. Fold jeans in opposite direction so the front pockets meet. Cut along chalk line.

Tip: To give the jeans a more destroyed look, *very carefully* use a box cutter to wear the edges of the fabric. Use on pockets, zipper cover, waist.
Step 3: 

Mark in chalk areas you want to sandpaper or bleach. Target front thighs, back sitting areas, belt loopholes and edges.  

For a sandblasted, subtle look (without the mess), rub selected areas with sandpaper instead of using bleach. You're done!

Step 4: 

Wear a mask and put on gloves. Pour some bleach on sponge and wipe the bleach into the selected areas on the jeans. Bleach front and then back of jeans. *If you get any bleach on your skin, wash it immediately.* Let sit until bleached fabric achieves desired color. The longer you leave the bleach on, the more dramatic the results.
Step 5: 

Wash jean shorts in machine by themselves. Hang dry. Touch up any areas with sandpaper.

Rock your new distressed jean shorts!

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