Friday, March 23, 2012

Notes from Nashville

We're in Nashville for the 2012 Fashion Week!

We loooove Nashville! This city is so quaint and the people are lovely. The very essence of Southern charm.

 Meredith at The Factory in Franklin,
ready to whip up some home cookin' 

in her pale marbled skirt.

We've seen 15 designers show at the Marathon Music Works, most of them local but some from all around the US. Tuesday and Wednesday nights were runway shows and tonight was a set of artsy installations.
 Local boutiques and salons are also hosting daytime events and trunk shows.

Yesterday we visited 
Local Honey in Hillsboro. The shop carries several local designers like Jamie and the Jones, White Rabbit and Chase Ash. The young designers Local Honey features are fun and eclectic and their wares are totally affordable. It was an exercise in self-discipline to walk out of there empty-handed.

*Highlight of the day!* One of our favorite design teams, Jamie and the Jones, happened to be working in their studio on the second floor. Hannah and Jamie graciously came down to chat with us for a few minutes, though they must be in a rush to get ready for their Saturday show. They are two very cool chicks.

We are having tons o' fun and meeting some awesome people in the Nashville fashion scene. I do believe we shall make our little Southern road trip complete and catch some live country music after the fashion show tomorrow night! 

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